What Has The World Come To?

May 18, 2011
What has the world come to?
The answer is not known anymore.
Life should not be this way.
There is the dying, the crying, and the poor.

People are looking for hope.
People are living in poverty.
People are living on streets.
People are dreaming about the lottery.

Nobody is showing love.
Everyone is showing hate.
I'm wishing on stars
and searching for fate.

People are looking for jobs.
People are getting fired.
The unemployment rate is high.
Nobody is getting hired.

Why do people have to suffer?
Why are we dealing with pain?
Why is the world upside down?
Why is everything on the wrong lane?

We should be treated equal.
We should be treated the same.
We are all human beings,
Just with a different name.

People are on streets
Begging for change,
Looking for money,
and life to rearrange.

We all want hope,
But won't even try.
We sit and whine
While others actually cry.

People are dying for all the wrong reasons.
Some for things they didn't do.
Some for things blamed on them.
Honestly, I just want a clue.

I want a clue for the answer
On how to live life,
Because sitting here waiting
Just doesn't seem right.

The world needs to change.
It's time to give hope a try.
The only true answer
Is through the Christ's eye.

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