Jump roping on the sidewalks and playing hopscotch.
Running through the rain barefoot trying to catch every drop.
The aroma of a barbeque on a hot summer day
The luring Melody of an Ice-cream Truck calling hypnotically in the distant.
Playing in the Mud and getting in trouble for leaving the evidence all over the house.
Chasing after your dog Bingo and loving him even if he was just a smelly old mut.
Eating Popsicles on the porch on a hot summer day with all the Neighborhood kids.
Watching Sesame Street at the same time every day of the week.
Wearing those itchy puffy dresses and stiff suits on Easter- collecting colored eggs.
Meeting that special friend on the playground, the one you’ll keep for a lifetime.
A first Christmas, with a tree and decorating it while drinking hot Chocolate and singing carols.
Believing in Santa Claus for your parent’s sake.
Making that first Snow Angel, and having the perfect snowball fight.
Whishing on a star with your whole heart- even if deep down you know nothing will change.
A time when life was young and innocent- until you grew up and forgot what was important.
Cherish the memories because they only happened once.

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