My Emily

May 17, 2011
By Anonymous

We have built our own world with force, compassion, and determination

We’ve inscribed our life stories into the walls that this world built so securely around us

Two small town girls, living in the most meaningful of meaningless places

Who we are can only be described by the lyrics that have gotten us thus far

And distance, no matter what, will never separate us

39.5 miles, 46 minutes, two separate towns, two separate schools, but one need…

the need for sisters to be there. There like a constant shadow.
Someone to follow me, even when I step backwards

Because from this point on, every day that I don’t see you, I know I am one step closer to the next time I do

You are my safe place, my serenity, my hero, my sissy

You used to push me down and now you help me up

I dared to say things that no one else would and you had the power to write things in a way that no one else could

I can hear our laughter, as we stayed up late into the night

I can smell the rain that we played in when we were so young…
and when we were well too old

I can taste the edible creations that we always made…then made mom clean up

I can feel your impact and I know the ways you have changed my life

I can see your tears. I can see your fears.

I know you better than anyone else in this so called “world”

But I still have so much to learn

You have given me so much to hold on to

The author's comments:
This poem was written by me, for my older sister. She irritates me, irks me, and annoys me but I love her more than words can explain. I have been through every moment of my life with her, she knows my happiness and she knows my pain. More than anything though, she knows my flaws and still loves me. I will miss you while you are at college sissy although you are only 39.5 miles down the road. Good luck, and never forget who you are.
Forever and always your little sister,

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