Life in our life

May 23, 2011
By Anonymous

Life is easy, when we are free

After the rain, we enjoy the sun
After toiling, we perceive success
After the storm, we when stay in safe
After the earthquake, when we rebuild our new home

Life is hard, when we have challenge

Before we taste sweet, we have to taste bitter
Before we stay in safe, we have to suffer the dangerous
Before we get the food, we have to feel the hunger
Before we see the rainbow, we have to experience the storm

Life is fatiguing, when we are wasting our time

Only by feeling the fail, can we realize the time we waste
Only by tasting the bitter, can we know how sweet it is before
Only by being inactive, can we know how slothful were we before
Only by getting sink, can we know how many opportunities we lost

Life is colorful, when we paint it

Even when we are in riot, we still can get out of it
Even when we have no way to use, we still can provide one by ourselves
Even when we are boring, we sill can find fun in our life
Even when we suffering, we still can create amazement for everyone

Life makes us to love

Life surround us
Life filled movement and sweet
Life filled tears and sad
Life still filled laughing and happiness
Life bring us all thing
Life let us learn

The author's comments:
Life give us everything

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