What They Never, Sounds of Weakness of My<3

May 16, 2011
By xzombieherex SILVER, Belleville, New Jersey
xzombieherex SILVER, Belleville, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"I talk to God, but the sky is empty."-Sylvia Plath

And when you leave, would you walk and not turn back?
To see all we could have been instead of this.
With every note played in a deep distance and never have this.
Why can't I be less afraid of losing you?
Even though, I already did, every move is much more painful without you.
Lonely walks, with deep breaths full of turns falling down and up to find the right way.
To see if it was clear enough, to find the right step just so everything could stay.
Now, I find it hard to even say your name.
To say part of it without remembering everything that went by again.

I can sit there and try to convince you that I didn't feel everything I once did just with thinking of you.
The shakes, the kisses, the love, I can rock back and forth and say it wasn't all true.
I can be a lair just so you would cry for just a few hours.

How can I keep a straight face and tell you I lied, tell you that I'm not falling apart.
That every time I heard your name I wasn't able to stop what had to start.

I can't tell you that, because it would destroy me in my place.
Every time I ran home and you weren't there it was another sentence without space.
Even your voice ran through and out every quote that had once came out of your mouth.
Every time a new message sounds a picture of you comes around.
Let everything break now,
fall as hard as it could if it wants.
Let everything be like it wishes and destroy me like she wants

Our song plays and dances in my head like a broken record, scartching thick nails in a chalk board.
Killing my ear drums by stabbing them with sharp knives even has her bored.
Now the tears stain my brand new glasses,
I rather run now, I just don't want to see her between classes.
Even if love was as disgusting as I'm feeling it.
Drugging me and pulling me with ropes and ties to feel it.

I rather feel it all,
feel everything, every bit of anger and pain, so she won't fall.
So she can be as happy as can be.
And me? I'll be depressed, isn't that just me?

Every sound creeping by and every memory never eased babe, not without a goodbye.
Dead as can be I was,
"Did you come just to see how terribly horrible I was?"

You didn't understand I hided because I was scared,
You don't get it, honey,I'm a big shadow that once lived but died of deepness 'cause no one cared.
From east to west I ran just to find out this life long test.
That we would go through together
Because you said we were forever.

"I thought the bones would do,"
Everything as long as it was for you.
Would you have came?
If I lied and didn't say my name.
Even they speak of you. They say that I shouldn't cry for you.
They beg and say I shouldn't cry for you.

You lied saying not to listen to who they were.
You told me, that they weren't who they were.
You told me, they were nuts and you weren't wrong.
But they are smart, they told me right and I went along.

They found another way,
Did you come to blame me again? Because they don't play.
With every sound the old guitars, start to play.
Babe, don't leave me yet, they didn't betray.

With every moonlight shining through my window not letting me sleep.
And remember in the movie theater, the necklace you gave me to keep.
That from here I still have a good sight of it.
Beautiful and pretty box that you put it in.
Tears blinded me now, and I can't give in.

Steady but shaking making me stressed in a bit.
Remember me when everything crashes down, remember what I did just to feel it.
I rather stay awake than dream another dream of you.
I rather live in fear than think of you.

But today, hold my hand tight.
Let me be your guide tonight.

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