A House Full of Joy

April 26, 2011
Joy swims in the bathtub
in paisley blue overalls
laughing at jokes he’s never heard
as Hate skips up the stairs
small, round, blue-tinted spectacles on her nose
feeling good for the first time in years
while Wonder floats down the hall
golden hair in a pearl barrette
touching paintings with soft fingertips
so Fury crawls into bed
arms folded in a plaid buckled jacket
crying out in righteous indignation
and Sorrow spins in the attic
wondering how to make this work
though Love stomps through the kitchen
made up far too heavily
mumbling about sleeping giants
so Joy slips out the window
in puca shell jewelry
searching for his prize

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ctrisha3 said...
Jun. 16, 2011 at 3:54 pm
Absolutely splendid! I loved every bit of it!
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