Some Day Soon

April 14, 2011
Some day soon

I will fly away

Like a bird from her nest

With a half-healed wing

The sky is blue

Beyond this place

I heard its great

Mom, don’t worry, I’ll be safe

Some day soon

The world will be a stranger place

Like I’m lost in space

Just a face, no name

I’ll carry you with me,

On my heart, up against my chest

I’ll see you in that blue sky

And I wont forget

Some day soon

Nobody will know me

Or my ten chapter story

What are memories for?

I will be brand new

Make everyone proud

And learn to be a real person

Not just another part of you

I bet I can learn

I’ll fly away, in amazing grace

And if the angels visit,

And it’s me that they take,

Know that it was just too late

And that the view is great

Where the sky is blue,

And the birds can really fly

And the past is just passed.

Just a ball I couldn’t catch.

I’ll have a blast, dad,

A hot air balloon, floating up, up, gone

If you need me, look up, I’m right there

Singing some new song

Even higher than the birds,


Some day soon.

And if there's a way for me

Already written down

I'll always be your little girl

Head in the clouds

Growing up is hard,

Leaving home is harder

Some day soon, I may be gone

But I'll always be a daughter

Always your girl

Somewhere inside,

Chasing her pride

And learning to fly

Some day soon,

Maybe tomorrow

You'll look up at that blue

And wonder how I made it

With no rules to follow

Up, up gone,

You can never go wrong,

Chasing a dream,

All the way to the moon

I'll find my way

And be brand new

Some day soon.

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Fawny This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jun. 17, 2011 at 1:58 am
its loaded with emotion!!! or at least it fills me with emotion. really thematic!!!! i love it
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