Homeward Bound

April 14, 2011
I am so sorry
To have ever left you
But I am on my way
I am coming home
To be with you
Once again
As it always
Should have been

The glow of
The light in your eyes
Is my guiding star
Shining brightly
Through this dark abyss

And the warmth
Of your body
And how I recall
The heat of your touch
The fire of you against me
Is enough
To keep me from freezing
In this cold emptiness

The power of it all
My love for you
Gives me infinite energy
On my return journey
The road is long and winding
And I have gotten lost many times
And I have fallen down
And often thought of never getting back up
But your voice
Carries across the sky
And I obey
I think of you
And I press on
And on and on and on

I will be home soon
I will return to you
Things will be as they once were
Everything will be okay
I promise
Have you ever known me
To break a vow?

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