Same world, Different Earths

April 4, 2011
By Anonymous

I can't seem to find
that little happy rhyme-
the one that brings a smile,
and makes your lungs giggle.

I admire her,
for all her love-filled poems-
For keeping her spirit up
while all the others are falling.

I no longer have
that optimism I once held close-
the idea that all good was
on this crazy mixed-up earth.

And I listen to her words,
to the hope and the strength.
I can't seem to grasp,
those ideas I once understood.

I once was not soft-spoken,
nor afraid to hurt.
I once knew what it was,
to have faith in others hope.

And I watch her eyes brighten
as she takes in what we say:
I see her chest swell
when she takes in what she hears.

Is it growing up
that's changed me so much?
Or is it just my lack of courage
to hold on to what was hurt...

And there she is,
just three years younger,
my little sister.
Same world but different earths..

The author's comments:
If you read every other stanza as if there were two poems, it's like both are two different poems and the put together you have the final product.

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