I wonder

April 4, 2011
By Anonymous

I wonder,
If body image wasn't surrounding us,
what I'd do with all these spare moments
where I look in the mirror and all I can see is fat,
and how much loathe I have for myself,
so I wonder what I'd do with all those spare feelings,
if the hate could roll and morph into beauty or magnificence
and I think I'd love then.

And I wonder,
if food was zero calories,
and labels disapeared,
what would I do with all the spare paper I leave
in spots around my house,
counting how much calories I eat,
and most of the time it's never enough.

So I wonder,
what I'd do with the ink in all those markers,
that I'd spent drawing the places on my legs and stomach where I want them to be,
and what about that body wash I'd spent so much time scrubbing the
marker off.
It leaves traces,
like us,
like food,
it lingers.

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