Hear Me Please

April 4, 2011
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I couldn't recognize the person looking back at me in the mirror. This wasn't who I once was years ago. I began to hate the place I called "home". My "home" had you written all over it. None of it really mattered to me anymore.
I was slipping away. The reasons on staying here began to run thin. I needed something worth living for. How did things get so bad ? Everything used to be all okay. What could bring me back to the past ? nothing. It seems that I can't go back and just keep going. I can't start over.
No one can hear me screaming and I'm standing right next to you. Why can't you hear me calling out for you? Your lighting up the town tonight and I'm just the person passing by in the back of a pretty picture. Another over-looked detail.
Something that doesn't matter. Something that won't be missed.
No one stays around long enough to see the signs and figure it all out. They all get get tired of trying. I don't even exist anymore. I'll never be the same. You weren't supposed to be like the others. The others just walked away, time after time. Back then this meant something. And everything I have to look into those eyes is another say I don't. And everyday that I have to say "hello" is just another day closer to my final "goodbye".
You won't even miss me at all. They won't miss me at all. You could have showed me I was enough. You could have showed me I was not broken, but instead you showed me all I was ever gonna be is another over-looked detail.
Just another pretty face.
Something that doesn't matter. Something that won't be missed.

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