This Pain I Feel

April 14, 2011
By Anonymous

There is a pain within me
a pain that flows inside
nothing can conquer it
nothing will defeat it
what shall i do, what is there to do?

How can i dI'minish this pain, is there a way?
is it possible to remove this pain from my blood?
what causes this pain, i do not know
this pain is empty
this pain is dark

what can i do to outwit my pain?
what can i do to find the cause of my pain?
i feel so empty
i feel so disturbed not knowing what causes this pain

may i ask, can you help?
shall i ask, can you help?
please, ill beg, help me
i want it gone, i want it out,
I'm done living with this pain
i want the pain to be the past
i beg, help remove this pain
I'm done
I'm done living this way

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