April 14, 2011
By caitlindancer14 GOLD, Holland, Michigan
caitlindancer14 GOLD, Holland, Michigan
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"You've got two choices in resolving a fight with your girlfriend: you can have her happy with you, or you can be right. I always choose the first."

He wrote her name in his mind,
Remembering her smile, her eyes,
The way she ways always optimistic,
Sarcastic and childish.

He wrote her name in his phone,
Gathering up courage to say things he
Hope she’d understand.
Hoping she’d agree.
Hoping she’d want you.

He wrote her name in the back of a textbook,
Nostalgia of the day she said yes
Becoming overwhelming.
He missed her more than the world itself.

He wrote her name with his fingers
On the skin of her neck
As two are caught up in the ecstasy
Of doing what is unplanned
And understanding what others won’t.

The names were written on pieces of paper,
That laid their lives out in front of them.
On the day they took the achievement
They were always looking forward,
Until their names were written on the rings they wore,
The rings they gave each other. :)

The author's comments:
My boyfriend helped me write this, so partial credit goes to him. Thanks Devan! I love you!

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