This is my final goodbye

May 13, 2011

of all the things i use to believe in
i try to let go of you
I'm searching trying to find
a reason to hang on but, i just
cant seem to come past just one
so goodbye Anthony to everything we were
its ok i will be fine, I'm with someone newww
& we are happy with each other
i close my eyes & try to pretend
the pain doesn't hurt anymore
but the truth is i wish things
had ended way different
i wish you didn't hurt me
i wish i didn't love you so much
but i cant change what is in the past
all i have to say is goodbye.
this is my final goodbye.

The author's comments:
This is about my ex boyfriend who i could never seem to say goodbye to always held on to every piece of him even when he didn't want me.
even after he cheated on me when i was gone & let everyone laugh cuz i didn't know. i was foolish. & stupid cuz i thought he loved me as much as i loved him.

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