Third Brother

May 12, 2011
It's funny how those friends you can call your family will always be in your life

They never lose that title, no matter how hard you try.

No matter how far they go, or what happens,

You can't erase what you've been through

And in the end, it still remains the two; us and you.

Remember in the summer, you spent that special time with me

I opened myself up to you, and you, you showed me your true self too

I took it all for granted at the time, those moments I had with you.

Remember when we'd go to the lake and throw the ball in the water

Now look at you, I'm hearin now you even got your own daughter.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not writin this cause now you're a father

I just had some words to tell, like old times, to my third brother.

I hated how things ended last summer at the beach

I still remember you leavin drivin off down our street

And where are you now? Feels like you’re not in reach.

How do I handle my feelings? That's somethin they never teach.

I didn't hear a good bye; you left so silently

I know you were mad at some stuff,

But it felt like you're maddest with me.

Is that why you up'd and left?

Is that why you had to leave?

And if it is, then I hope your hearin clearly my apology

Cause honestly, a part of me fell apart when you departed me

Is there some way to restart, cuz for some reason I just cannot let it be

How did we get that far to fall this far apart, you took the heart of me

I know your far away now, but you're still close to the heart in me.

Remember every weekend you'd be at our house

You called it your second home, made your bed on our living room couch.

I hope you know, the doors still open for you to come back.

I'm dusted off our welcome mat, hopin one day you might cross that path.

All those things you did, you made our house a home

You probably don't even know how much I miss callin you "Big Bro"

And even more, hearin you call me "Lil Sis".

See it's those little things that are too hard to forget

But if you come back, big issues would be easy to forgive.

Where'd our trust go? I'm tryin to get it back

I know it's somewhere, but it's the opportunity I lack.

Don't tell me I missed that bus,

I'm willin to pay the toll, I'm willin to pay the cost

Yeah maybe we lost the the trust, but I swear there was no love lost

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