Smart. Not!!!!

May 12, 2011
By bigcateyes SILVER, Long Beach, California
bigcateyes SILVER, Long Beach, California
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I hate when everybody says I’m smart when they really know I’m not.
What do I say? I can’t lie to their face.
The only thing I can do is pretend t hat I’m smart.
Put a fake smile on my face. Pretend that I’m so grateful for their compliments when I’m really not.
Peter piper ate a pickled pepper.
I can’t even say that, so how can I be smart
When I know it’s not in my heart.

I tried being in a school spelling bee couldn’t even spell the
Word and it was WHEN!!!
So, how does that make me smart when I can’t even be apart of my own brain.
Even when I take test I’m always a mess.

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