I Don't Need Anybody's Applause

May 12, 2011
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I don't need anybody's applause to let me know what I've been through
I don't need anybody's praise either nor any type of sympathy
I don't need any flowers,chocolates,or cards from Wal-mart
Cause I know the bruises and cuts that claim me
I know my biological mother and hypodermic needles became best friends
allowing her to fade into the blackness
So save your applause
I've been emotionally abused,beaten, and abandoned
Just save your sympathy and energy
Cause I don't need your applause
I know the hardship and pain that I been through
Lived in a unconditional lifestyle
Should have been cherished like a china doll
I don't anybody's applause
Struggled with emotions and tears
I'm not trying to gain anybody's sympathy card
Cause I don't need anybody's applause
Trying to let everyone see through my tears and heart
Showing that I can still hold my head up
So please save your applause

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