Wont Ever Happen

May 12, 2011
By quietwords BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
quietwords BRONZE, Columbus, Ohio
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I hardly noticed you
till you noticed me
never spoke to you
to me you were just a mystery
when you came my way I
I had no idea what to say
I was shocked

You conversed with me
asked me questions too
I really didn't know what to think of you
we eventually became "sort of" friends
at that point, I never wanted whatever we had to end
You made me laugh, you made me smile
I found myself hoping this would last a while
New feelings developed, i never told you how i felt
how now when you said my name it made me want to melt
Then, things started to change for us
i thought we were at the bus stop together but you got on a different bus

We slowly got more and more distant
neither one of us putting up resistance
After we had been apart for a while
and you, were no longer making me smile
I realized something really tough
the revelation hit me rough
Maybe we weren't as close as i made it out to be
the feeling created were only by me
The relationship that i wanted to last
we just weren't meant to have

Now that I've accepted this maybe my heart wont feel so misshappen
because the love i dreamed would bloom for us
won't ever happen

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