Halloween Night

May 3, 2011
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September is gone, October is here
Playing tricks is here again!
Telling scary stories with a friend
And trick or treating until the end

Walking down the path
The path as hollow as a tree
Trying to decide which way to enter
I glance towards the center; and feel winds as cold as winter

Seeing dark shadows everywhere I turn
I can tell someone is watching me, but who?
I feel that there is not only one, but two in the room

While I was walking down a dirt road
The dirt is a misty cloud rising up
I kept walking on, and I thought I felt my heart explode
I saw a shadow with creep features Then it turned into a bunch of creatures

I walked into a deserted house
And it was as quiet as a mouse
I heard a loud thump on the floor
And that's when I thought I'd run for the door

I decided to stay
For the spirits to come out and play
To celebrate this wonderful day
For today is Halloween, October 31st
And sing and scream in a loud burst

The night was a cold dungeon
Shadows flying everywhere
I could hear them whispering in the air
But it seems as if we are playing hide-n-seek, but this is not fair!

The night still as black as a creepy cat
The air as cold as ice
The trees are creepy fingers
And they linger everywhere

It's getting quite late, and we all are sleepy
Don't worry there is nothing creepy
The ghosts will escape from your dream
On this scary Halloween!

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