The Girl named Dementia

April 26, 2011
By Trill_Wellbush SILVER, Kingston, Washington
Trill_Wellbush SILVER, Kingston, Washington
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The Girl Named Dementia

Darkness falls, but no hands catch her,
Dementia? She watches the scene.

Sunset has given up trying to escape.
The heroes' white horses are just to fast.

Shadow has always been afraid of the dark,
After all, she can only survive in the sun.

Dementia wants to see daylight.

Casey has built a cage out of purple and white mascara,
Trying to hold Dementia in.

Dementia’s hands are bleeding from shaking the bars.

Dementia wants to get out, but Casey is just to smart.

She’s coated the bars with locks made of blood-red nail polish,
Each lock then covered in little flower stamps.

Casey doesn't know she’s given Dementia the key.

Dementia came out during a party, when Casey had, had a bit much to drink.

Casey doesn't drink much anymore,

Dementia came out while Casey was running,

Casey stays inside now.

Finally, poor Casey spends her life in her room.

Casey knows she can’t hold Dementia down.

Dementia’s getting bolder.

Casey’s given up material things to keep in Dementia,
She’s decided to look into electronics.

Inside, Dementia’s weeping,
Trapped in her binary prison, hands wrapped around her knees.

Casey thinks she’s finally broken Dementia,
But just to be sure, she reinforces her cage.

Dementia hasn’t been broken.
Dementia is done crying.

Casey is to.

She’s doing her best to take out her eyes, but she’s finding it harder than you’d think.

Dementia’s eyes are open.

Dementia’s done with her tears.

She’s going to catch Darkness this time.

The author's comments:
A re-vamped version of my previous Dementia piece. Hope you like it.

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