The Chosen Wind

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I hear you blushing through the trees.
Blundering gracefully over unspoken words.
And though I wish I could see
The path you chose for or against the paths of the birds.
You chase my coattails and the balls of my feet,
Lifting my hair around my face and tears.
My heart burns a hole, literally through the Earth
I feel you still between the hours and my sheets
Whisking gently my ebbing fears;
That have haunted me since my forgotten birth.

My home creaks quietly through a molten world.
You uplift the sadness that has increasingly sunken in.
My heart uplifts, brightens, and lovingly unfurls.
Like a habit worn too long; far too broken in.
But I sense you’re leaving sometime soon
To chase a spawning storm
And so I try to hide my lies inside you.
I gaze into my reflection in the spoon
Wondering why I can’t follow the norm,
And the sadness that attacks me turns my heart black to blue.

I hear the phone ring and the machine pick up.
His voice fills the room, but I don’t want to hear him.
Vodka and orange juice fill my cup
As I ignore the sadness his voice distills throughout the room.
Why won’t he leave me alone, let me be free?
Forget the love he thought he once felt?
Learn that his world no longer revolves around me?
I try to drink but I cannot for fear I weep.
I hear his voice and remember the sting of his belt.
Sometimes I wonder if you’re the only one who really knows me.

Shards of my past destroy the drops of present.
Stabbing through my line of sight
All I thought I was, all I believe I was just isn’t
The win of the war, the loss of the fight.
So why can’t I ignore the past wrongs?
Why can’t I live alone?
Have I always been one to follow the footsteps of his feet?
But now the world has spun around my hopes have all gone.
I’m a starving dog without a bone,
Broken for you, dancing with you to an unheard beat.

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