In The Mirror

April 25, 2011
By Anonymous

Today I realized something,
It’s that I’ve changed a lot
The person that stands in the mirror
Is not the person I would’ve thought
That I’d become
A vision I never would’ve had
When I was young
Just barely months ago
Or the day before I did change
Did I know I’d rearrange
Yet the day I did
I stepped out of my frame
Setting a new mood
To the same old game
This made the game easier
Though often conflict would roar
Past winners dropping to the bottom
Now and always, sore

A girl once labeled shy
So who would of known
That same girl
Would soon be seated at the thrown
From quiet with hair
That covered her eyes
To now spittin the truth
Even if one cries
Her plain old walk
Now a strut,
Acts to fast
To be stuck in a rut
Holding her head
Up high
Holding her heritage
With pride
She said her byes
To her past self
Now living a life
Of untangled ties

The author's comments:
I truly realized this when my updated personality clashed with a friend i hadn't seen in a while, whom has a personality that is similar

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