Tidal Waves

April 15, 2011
By superev94 BRONZE, Rolsyn, New York
superev94 BRONZE, Rolsyn, New York
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When a tidal wave crashes on a beach shore, it doesn’t pause, hesitate, look around,
gaze at the scenery, and hold itself back to choke down its own tears;
nor does it brace itself for impact or
strain, stubbornly,
against the wind.
A simple thought will not stray its massive assertions,
its fitful bellows,
its screams.
It will not knead into doughy complacency
a rock it cannot crush,
pursue too small a pebble.

Devastating finality and harsh intrusions color its rage.
2005 didn’t come from whims,
silly fancies.

Why did you?

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