melting diamonds. This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

April 15, 2011
his eyes are melting.
he tries to stop them
but they slip down to kiss the dying sidewalk.
a thousand diamond chips tumble and scatter.
he’s dancing.
angelfeathers crash to the earth
to embrace him in all his glory.
they whisper to his toes
and he says goawaygoawaygoaway
and shuts his ears to their ugly sympathy.
i am superman and i can make you go away.
they leave and he’s alone.
his eyes close and his ears close and his heart close.
go away.
he’s alone.
why did she leave?
a gust of bitter anger catches up those heavy glass drops.
freedom throttles his body and won’t let go.
why did she leave?
hurt seeps out of his throat
trapped behind his glass bars of a thousand screaming tears
cold white tile clawing at his aching feet.
dont go away. come back.
i promise to be good.
slashes in a sheet of innocence.
nothing’s left but his papercuts and an unused band-aid.
who will put it on?
come back. im sorry.
i didn’t mean to.
i miss you a lot and im sorry. i promise not to make you sad anymore.
i love you more than you loved me.
come back.
i promise to eat all my vegetables and not whine when i dont get what i want.
poisonous drops of mercury
carve their way down his outstretched arms.
mommy, i love you.
i’m sorry.
please open your eyes.
only one more time.
i promise if you do, i wont beg for new toys.

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