What If

May 2, 2011
It's so hard being without him,
He's just so far away.
Stay strong, be tough, don't cry,
I'll see him again one day.
I hope that when that day comes,
He'll still feel the same way.
Maybe I'm just trippin';
Everything will be okay.
But what if he doesn't like me,
I'm different than before?
I'm not the exact same person,
And he deserves so much more.
Perfection doesn't compare,
He's handsome, tall, and strong.
Sweet, innocent, smart,
This match seems so wrong.
I'm not beautiful or smart;
innocent, I've never been.
Sweet when I want to be,
And only strong deep within.
So why does he love me:
This just can't be real.
He hasn't seen me in forever;
Will he love me still?

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