The Boy Boxed by Life

May 2, 2011
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The boy's spirit shakes
The foe that stands before him breathes pressure
No matter what this foe throws at the boy, he never breaks
More than the boy's backward stance, His perseverance is stranger
The boy knows that he has what it takes
His right hook is so much fresher
He is a south paw, works from angles that should make his foe quake
Still the boy's is disregarding that he's in a position of danger
With blood and flesh the boy's knuckles are caked
The boy's heavy bag is fleshier rather than sandier
Another scar forms from every connection he and his foe make
There is no one that the boy knows, other than himself, that looks mangier
His foe is the biggest the Creator makes
This foe of grand size that exhales pressure
goes by the name of life and sets high stakes
When it comes to the ring, life is a master exchanger
But the boy knows how to fake
Though life will push the boy, it's not in control of what decision the boy makes
The boy is an innovator.
Despite these continuous battles, the boy still wakes
He wakes with a smile and his opponent right in his face, still emitting the same pressure
His opponent has nothing the boy hasn't seen before, so the pressure seems less and his foot-work fresher
This boy simply has what it takes.
Even if he's the boy boxed by life itself,
No one can stand against him.

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