This Is Goodbye

May 2, 2011
By boobstach BRONZE, Burlington, Washington
boobstach BRONZE, Burlington, Washington
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Hate is easy; Love takes courage-Dahvie Vanity
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the thing in my picture thing yeah..

Goodbyes are always a chance to say
What needs to be said
So why can’t I say it?
For so long I’ve waited
To say this
But I can’t
I love your smile
Your laugh
The way your nose wrinkles
When you do
You notice me
But you don’t
Can’t you hear me?
I’m screaming for you
But you can’t find me
I love you
It’s simple
Yes that simple
But I guess this is goodbye
So you’ll never hear it
Don’t worry
I’ll be gone before long
But you’ll always have that special place
In my heart
So here it goes
I love you
But I don’t
I hate you
But I love you
I hate that I love you
These words are difficult to say
The question is will I say them?
I guess I can’t
So only time will tell
But we don’t have that much time
Before we have to say goodbye
So this is it I guess
This summer we say goodbye
There’s to much to get involved now
Not enough time
So now we part
And I’ll carry around this heavy heart
Only time will tell
So now I have to
Go through this hell
Regrets weigh me down
Of what I could’ve said
I’ve got one last chance now
But she’s got you
So I won’t
All that’ll be said is goodbye

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my boyfriend moving

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