The Truth

May 8, 2011

And I just wanted to say
I missed you
In that year we spent apart
Some harmless events
Became exaggerated
I was told that what you did
Was worse than it really was
I spoke horribly of you
Of your innocent acts
I made people believe that you were something you’re not
I wanted to say I’m sorry
You didn’t deserve the words I spoke of you
For I spoke them out of hate
Not hate for you
But hate for myself
For what I put you through
But like I said
I missed you
It was hard to make it through without you
You were the only person I knew
Who actually cared about what happened to me
The only one who cared enough to try and stop it
That whole year
I tried to replace you
I wanted to hate you
Because deep down I knew
How much I needed you
I just wanted to say thank you
Thank you for being brave enough
To try and come back into my life
Even after I told you to leave
After I ran away from you time and time again
You kept trying
Until you broke down every wall I had put up to keep you out
Truth is
I only made those walls because I was afraid
Of how much I cared about you
I couldn’t get hurt again
But now I know that you will never hurt me
I just wanted to say that I love you
And when you speak those three words back to me
Every ounce of pain I’ve ever felt
Just goes away
I just wanted to say
I missed you
I’m sorry
Thank you
I love you

The author's comments:
This poem is for my amazing boyfried

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