May 8, 2011
By WalkerC BRONZE, Winston Salem, North Carolina
WalkerC BRONZE, Winston Salem, North Carolina
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You stand there alone with small threads of hope.
The chance to escape disappears into the gray abyss.
A foreign hand touches you only to realize it is yours.
A blanket of comforting snow falls upon your tender shoulders that melts as you move.
Agitated, confused, and alone you stand unable to process your thoughts in fear that they may haunt you, but your hands begin swiftly constructing this strange shoe.
Your pain goes away.
Your collar undone and sleeves rolled up as you work.
You long for the safety of another life.
The buzzing of a wandering fly interrupts your work.
The sound constantly confused the cluster of thoughts in your head.
You breathe in, stretch, and stand up.
The warm smell of wine fills the grey air.
Each step you take was as light as a feather.
With all your strength you burst through the grey world in your head.
The sight of a happier and bright life lay ahead.

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