That Was You

May 8, 2011
By Tinessea BRONZE, Belgrade, Montana
Tinessea BRONZE, Belgrade, Montana
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Have you ever fell in love?
Do you know the feeling of
someone looking in your
eyes and saying "I love you",
then leaning in and putting
their head on your shoulder?
Do you know when you look
someone in the eyes, that you
love them, truly?
Can you feel their fingers
softly brushing your cheek,
then tipping your chin up
and softly pressing their
lips to yours?
When you are walking on
the sidewalk and see a
young couple whispering
to each other in the
soft summer night,
did that used to be you?
Are you the wild child
who went for a ride
in the back of a truck,
then laying beneath
the stars, whispered
sweet nothings in
each others ears,
until you fell asleep in
each others arms?
You were where I am.

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