What is Love?

May 8, 2011
By Justagirlwithapen BRONZE, Corbett, Oregon
Justagirlwithapen BRONZE, Corbett, Oregon
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What is love?
Is it the secret smile you get
When you think about him
Or the irregular beat of your heart
When he leans close
Maybe love is the pain
That kills you when he's gone
Or could love be
What I am feeling?
What am I feeling?

Tossed about in a tempest
A hurricane
And left to die on the shore
Curled and broken
Taking your final breath
What do you think about?
So would I think of him?
(Would he think of me?)
Or would I think about
The birds in the trees
And envy their agility
Ability to fly
Would I think of my friends
Wonder if they'll miss me
Maybe I'd think of the macaroni
That moms just finished baking
I'd think about those whom I love
If only I knew what that was

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