To Mother

May 7, 2011
By Anonymous

Mother; you've taught me well.
I compliment you.
To show me how incredibly inferior I am,
and allow me to submit to your open palm.

Where your voice of "reason",drowns out my ability to speak:
I thank you for lies, for anger-- these weapons you've equip me,
and also showing me the extent of that suffering.

Oh mother, how I envy you.
To be as ignorant, someone such as yourself
how can you not be happy?
Everything is under your rule, just as you expect it to be.

You've shown me, that behind every approachable destination,
every opportunity, every hope,
the eminent disappointment is

You alone can remember what I once was,
But now, your torment has taken its toll.
And I spite you the most for making me believe for so long,
that love never wanted me.

For all that I've suffered under your tyranny,
I only remember your words as your actions:
Bitter. Cold.

No matter how much you smile
under the pseudo impression
of being humane,
know this.

You are a monster.
The closer I am to you, the more I loathe myself.
Wouldn't it have been better on both of us
if I were never born?

But also know,

if it weren't for you,
I would've been a different person.
Maybe even happy...

Happy mother's Day...

Love, the shadow you live with.

The author's comments:
Mother's Day: My mom, basically, is a stranger to me. I don't remember a hint of affection, a hello, a good-bye, a hug, or a wish of prosperity from this woman. Reminiscing now, I realize that.

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