Darkened Slumber

May 2, 2011
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The thunder of those growling waves and
the shriek of tortured homes haunt him,
they follow his every move and shadow his
every thought.

He can only watch
in horror as the blue green wall of beasts
crash through the suddenly paper thin
concrete wall, over the now dwarfed levy,
and charge for him, baying for blood and
hungry for the sound of his despairing screams.

The world falls silent, his heart lies still,
and his breath trickles out of lungs frozen in
memory the mind believes is real. He sees the
surface so tantalizingly near, little more than a
lifetime between the dark depths of the surge
and the bright promise of life above.

A silent crack and long forgotten senses flare,
pain and grief surface and drive him back to this
world, instants after leaving it behind.
Eyes and mind dulled in the maelstrom of
waking, instincts force him up to the wall and the
proof of his existence upon it. Eyes clearing,
mind sharpening he stares into the burning pits
in front of him, flinching at the madness
contained within the reflection.

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