“The Decision Is Yours”

May 2, 2011
By shefali BRONZE, Worth, Illinois
shefali BRONZE, Worth, Illinois
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As teens today, we have many choices
These can end up with a positive result
Or something very negative.
You need to realize that everyone makes mistakes
This is not the end of the world
A negative experience can be turned into something positive
If we learn from it
And change our behavior.
Persevere even when you feel down
Ignore people that lower your self-esteem
And use your strong will and a positive attitude to get you through the bad times.
Remember each of us has strengths.
Everyone is an individual
With the power to make a difference in this life.
So look into yourself and develop your unique talents.
Be true to yourself and you will never go wrong
These words are true and apply to each of you.
Each person in life is responsible for making their own happiness.
It is our choice to be content during our existence on this earth.
The actions you take in life are up to you!

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