The Pain Of A Tortured Heart

May 10, 2011
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Why does it hurt so badly? This eccentric idea, that is. This far-fetched emotion. This restricting, painful, pair of shackles.
Can it be possible? That this over-celebrated endless cycle can be so cruel. This producer of death and decay. Creator of pain and torment.
Is this it? The true form of that puffy pink abomination that people falsely decorate as a blessing. The idea seems great. Until you actually experience it.
Is this purposeful? The way she treats my heart. Like a pin cushion. Or a place to pound in the long, sharp, nails of her failed relationships. Does this mass of bloody flesh beat anymore?
Is this addiction really this serious? Yes. I always run toward my goal. Her. It has always been her. It is her fault. She is why it hurts so badly

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