Hope is represented in the colors red, white, and blue

May 10, 2011
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Hope is very true.
It’s represented in the colors red, white, and blue.
It sounds like fireworks when they explode.
Fireworks put you in a very excited mode.
It feels like a cat’s fur.
When you pet the cat they let out a purr.
Hope screams out when the sun shines.
Many people could watch it as they dine.
Hope tastes sweet like lemonade on a hot summer day.
It makes the heat go away.
Hope blasts out when Bruce Springsteen plays a song.
It usually never takes very long.
Hope rides out when a Mustang is driving down the road.
Hopefully it doesn’t bump into a toad.
Hope is shown in the movies with Tom Hanks.
His movies are always high up on the ranks.
Hope is a symbol of the United States.
We hope that eventually there will be no hate.

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