my story

May 9, 2011
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come around people and you can hear,
about me the loser and all my years.

No person would come near me,
a little boy who's deeper then the sea,
no friends all I had was books,
opened one and took a look,
better then real life is what I said,
always had a book even in bed.

So thru my years my nose in a book,
no kids would even look,
at the little boy who's all alone,
with no friends to call his own.

I used to try to fit in,
but I didn't know where to begin,
staying alone gave me no skills,
every time I talk people ran for the hills,
I used to sing all the time,
my teacher said it was sublime,
then my voice began to crack,
I knew their was no going back.

I was suicidal and cried,
because I was picked on all the time,
people hit me but I didn't hit back,
they used to hit me till my arm went slack.

Never liked always hated,
number 0 I was rated,
always the loser... dirt of school,
by now you know I wasn't cool.

I was walking home with my brother,
he was my friend when I had no other,
then a guy in my grade hit him sore,
I went insane and said ''no more!'',
my breath turned shallow my eyes red,
hitting my brother he would dread,
I hit him so hard he hit the ground,
his eyes were wide wasn't making a sound,
''don't touch my brother.'' I said,
''or I'll hit you till you have nightmares in bed.'',

I went to school and was beat up again,
I thought this would never end,
a teacher yelled ''stop that!''
then every thing went black.

this is only a taste of my years,
a lot of pain and a lot of tears...

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