Down in history

May 4, 2011
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What if fairytales didn’t end happily ever after? Would it give us non fairytale living people closer and more reachable expectations?
What if Cinderella never got to the ball and had to stay home and clean? Or what if Prince Charming didn’t like her and decided he liked a prettier and classier girl?
What if Snow White didn’t wake up from her deep beauty sleep because her Prince was too lazy to come and kiss her and instead stayed home and played Halo?
What if Ariel’s prince decided he didn’t want a girl who can’t talk and left her because of her silence?
What if Aurora, the sleeping beauty didn’t prick her finger on a spindle and never met her prince at all?
What if Belle didn’t have enough patience to work with the Beast and she ended up leaving him for a common peasant at home?
What if Mulan never went to go fight in the war? Would she have met her beloved? Or what if she did meet him and he decided he wanted some girl who isn’t pretending to be a man and more appealing?
What if Pocahontas obeyed her father and John Smith stopped his curiosity?
What if Princess Jasmine stayed in her castle like she was supposed to and married Jafar instead of some guy who claimed to be a rich Prince of some distant country but ended up being a pick pocketer?
What if these girls lives went on like normal girls, would they have still gone down in history?

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