May 4, 2011
By Jennaaa GOLD, Congers, New York
Jennaaa GOLD, Congers, New York
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"live for the moment".
"live laugh love".

I’ve wiped every tear off my face

Now you can no longer drown me

I’ve tuned you out of my head

Your words can never hurt me again.

I now wear a bulletproof vest

You can no longer shoot me down

I glued myself to the ground

So that you can never sweep me off my feet

I have taped my mouth shut

Your kiss can no longer infect me with sympathy

I’ve changed my phone number

You can never find me

I’ve paused my heart

It will no longer beat for you

I took out my brain

So you could never cross my mind

I cut my hands off

I will now no longer feel anything for you

I’ve clogged my nose

I will never be able to inhale your scent

I sewed my eyes shut

You can no longer see me cry

I’ve lifted the weights off my chest

You can never bring me down

I now have fresh air

You can no longer suffocate me.

But I want to thank you

Even though you tore me apart

I put myself back together

And I have come to realize that…

You made me the person I am today,

And stronger than I’ve ever been.

I’ve broken free

Now the last thing you’ll ever hear from me is:

Thank you…

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