Little Stranger

April 30, 2011
By andie_64 SILVER, Rio Rico, Arizona
andie_64 SILVER, Rio Rico, Arizona
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"That Love is all there is,
Is all we know of love"- Emily Dickinson

A rippling stream cruises down its path
As two feet splash gently on its warm surface
Tilting her head up to look at the darkened sky
Bronze ringlets fall from her head

Angels, the word passes her mind
As she gazes at the twinkling dots
Scattered over the black canvas above

Cold tears land on her body
The sky's sad cry shake the earth
Yellow light flashes close
The heavens lashing out

Water lapping at her feet
Teasing her toes
Giddiness overwhelming her
From the stream's playful tone

Pure delight and fear
Her turquoise eyes show
A bemused smile framing the young face

Caressing hands brush her cheeks
And the eerie howls of the night speak
Eyes and shadows stalk her through the trees

Yet the little one stays
Her face lifted upward
And her palms spread out at her sides
As she catches the fallen tears
And sees angels darting across the sky

While around her
Nature stirs with surprise
And welcomes the little stranger
That stands there in the water
Listening to its song
Accepting its way of life

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