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April 29, 2011
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When females put pencil or pen to paper, people call it poetry, give me a beat for inspiration but don' call what i write a rap.
don't say i'm spitting a rhyme.
cause im just venting my feelings.
pull all of the lights on me to show you that poetry is rap, it is emotion, its not just words that rhyme. what is the difference between a rap and poetry?
a beat.
what is a beat?
a collection of sounds.
Now when i hear that beat
i get words in my head.
Instead of playing games,
I decide to put pencil to paper.
Does that make me different?
I got a little light.
a different light.
let me let it shine.
thoughts run through my mind.
most i don't put down on paper.
but then again its because time wraps its constrictors around me.
it doesn't let me put pencil to paper.
pencil to paper doesn't show emotion.
but word choice might,
give me a minute of your time but don't give me time
show me a smile, show me a frown but don't show me an emotion
give me the beat from "all of the lights" by Kanye West but don't just give me a beat.
because a beat
gives or causes
different ones to different people.
pencil to paper
lets me release thoughts
thoughts constrained by time
some decisions i look back on and regret.
this is one of them.
not letting more thoughts like these
come out
just remember
a female puts down pencil to paper and everyone feels like it should be called poetry
when i put my pencil down to paper dont just call it a rap because i used a beat
as my inspiration
feel me?

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rawr143678 said...
Jun. 9, 2011 at 5:54 pm
i love this poem(:
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