Tender Moments

May 6, 2011
By , Sammamish, WA
As I lay down on the sandy beach,
I gaze up at the stars.
I wonder,
Is he up there?
My hero,
The toughest man I know.

As I think of the
Cancerous battle,
He endured,
I wonder.
Could I be that strong?
Do I have enough strength?
To go through life
In pain and misery,
Wondering when the
Last few moments will occur.

I am astonished,
At how strong,
And how long,
He persevered for.
I wonder,
Am I capable of that?

As I ponder this matter,
I remember,
I am capable of anything.
The sky is my limit.
Just then a saying popped into my head,
One of my philosophies,
"Don’t limit your challenges,
Challenge your limits."

As I lay upon the sandy beach,
I still gaze up at the stars.
I wonder,
As he lay there in his bed,
What would those last few moments?
Feel like.
What shattered emotions would be sent up?
Into the void of sorrow,
Lingering above our heads.

Suddenly I am filled with regret.
I regret all the things
We never did;
All the adventures
All the tender moments,
We never shared.

As I contemplate,
I realize,
The best moments
Are the lessons I was taught.
All of these things he taught me,
Rushed to the front of my head.
Then one of the most

This is the best
Memory of all.
To battle through hard times,
To never give up.
If you fall down,
Get back on your feet again.
You need to battle through life,
No matter how hard.
Then something hit me,
Perseverance is key.

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