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May 6, 2011
By vicious-fiction PLATINUM, Santee, California
vicious-fiction PLATINUM, Santee, California
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todays the day...
the walls close in on me,
the unknown i fear the most.
they take him in to the room,
were its do or die.
i feel tears in my eyes,
but i try and fake I'm fine.
my world slowly altering.
the time ran out,
this is actually happening.
let it be a nightmare,
when i open my eyes it'll be gone.
the nurse calls him.
he says it wont be long.
he says his goodbyes for now,
i cant hold my tears in any longer.
as he walks in the door closes behind him,
i give him a smile telling him i love him.
he knows I'm only pretending to be strong so he wont worry.
i feel if anything happens to him,
i'll pass with him.
the time goes on,
why cant it be me.
i would do anything for him not to feel pain,
i rather feel it for him.
he is my world,
he is my super hero,
i go in to see him for one last time,
my super hero in trouble,
i see him lying on the bed,
he looks so defenseless.
i think it hurts me more to see him like that.
as the bed is taken away,
i take his hand say i love him
i try not to cry,
i go into the waiting room knowing,
he's in the hands of the doctor.
please take care of my dad,
he means the world to me.

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