May 1, 2011
By sara_elaine23 PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
sara_elaine23 PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
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baby just pull the trigger.
we both know that its come down to nothing but this.
by that look in your eye,
i knew you wanted me gone.
so whats stopping you now?
why hesitate?
are those memories i see flashing behind your eyes?
like our first kiss.
first touch.
i know your thinking about all the times when we laughed together.
we had it rough,
but when it was good,
it was damn good.
i loved you and you loved me.
thats all there was to it.
we were invincible but i didnt realize that you would be our kryptonite.
at our climax we had everything to scream about.
pure ecstasy.
who couldve guessed that id be screaming for a different reason?
the first time,
my world came to a halt,
but i let it go.
it was an accident,
and you said it would never happen again.
i loved you.
the next time,
it was harder to let go with my eyes all black.
i shattered every damn mirror in our house until my horrid, battered reflection couldnt be seen anymore.
you couldnt even look at me.
except when you came home stumbling through the door with fire and hate in your eyes.
throwing your misguided angry at me from every direction.
hiding behind closed doors everynight began to take a toll.
my skin was pale from the lack of sunlight.
i couldnt go outside.
i was terrified.
terrified of you and your hands that left silent screams for help all over my skin.
my throat couldnt even cry for help.
i became so weak.
someone i didnt know anymore.
you took who i was.
so now here we are.
another lonley night for me, interupted by your loud drunken yells.
my mind continues to race at top speed,
what will it be tonight?
my face?
my stomach?
my heart?
ha and then when my eyes catch a glimpse of that old familiar pistol,
i stop ice cold.
point it at my chest.
put it up against my heart.
stop me from feeling.
id rather feel nothing at all
then feel what you put me through.
please just end my pain,
its just not worth it anymore.
just please.

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