Lost and Found

April 20, 2011
By Abigail Rinehart BRONZE, Stella, North Carolina
Abigail Rinehart BRONZE, Stella, North Carolina
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She sits in silence,
Her bruises hidden,
Living in violence.

She smiles through a scared heart,
Her tears pour out,
In this world what is her part?

She fades into the background,
Her heart barb-wired,
But there’s nothing left to take now.

Young girl, you are beautiful,
Eyes like diamonds,
Slicing minds of men who are pitiful.

Young girl, you are strong,
Carrying the fear of all fears,
To that man you no longer belong.

The author's comments:
I have never experienced abuse before but I have friends who have. I just want to encourage those who have experienced it, know that you are important to me and know that you are loved. Life gives us obstacles so we can overcome them and help others along the way.

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