Friday night bonfire

April 18, 2011
By Korig199414 BRONZE, Warminster, Pennsylvania
Korig199414 BRONZE, Warminster, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Love hurts, whether its right or wrong."

Around the fire
Beer in the hands of many
There are people all around
This feelings so real
But it feels like a dream
These psychedelics around me
Having a great time
As i sit there
By the fire
Watching it burn
It keeps me watching

Like a horror movie,
You never know whats next
The flames could get bigger
Or they could die down
It could spew ashes
In your eyes
A fiery log could fall out

This is what keeps me warm
Keeps me calm

I see the glow of the spinners
I hear the sound of the guitars

I watch as people follow her
As shes holding her mouth
Shes gonna puke
Their holding her
Making sure she is okay

I listen as they
Influence another broken soul

The ones i love are
All around me
I no longer feel alone

I see a lonely girl in the distance
Shes hammered
She has done something
That she will regret
I try to get up
To comfort her
Let her know
She's not alone

Something stops me
I cant more
I'm sorry

It's time to leave
When did i get in the car?
He's drunk
We drop off girl number 1
This is a dark street
It feels like forever
He throws a bottle out the window
It smashes
Bad idea

Taking another home
There's a cat
We almost hit it
It's safe
We drop off girl number 2
She's tired
There's that cat again
It's still safe

I get in the front seat
We stop
He had to pee

We start driving again
Were on a bust street now
Were over the lines
Oh no

Now i hear the tires
They touch the curb
I hear it
I'm scared
Lots of potholes
That make me jump

I'm home
I hope he gets back safe
We sneak in
Go right upstairs
The dogs bark
We're safe

The author's comments:
These are all real events. These are only some of the dangers of teenage peer pressure. Don't fall into it. You might not come out alive, unlike i did.

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