Lost Friend

May 4, 2011
By Anonymous

There once was a friend I had
Well, she is still physically here I suppose
But her voice is hardly recognizable
Not anymore
It is as if there is grease
Bleeding from my palms
When I reach out to save her
She easily slips away
As she goes, my tears flood
I desperately want her back
But my eyes are cloudy, too full of tears
I can only see the dull mask she now wears
Her identity is hidden from me
But not her heart
I still hear it beating,
And begging for a friend
I scream so her heart can hear my plea
Trying to pull her back
She is ignoring me, and drifting away
I’m silent
She turns her away, leaving me here
Broken from her choice
As she escapes
Her bandages are lost forever

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