That's it

May 3, 2011
By Anonymous

I used to think we would be friends forever.
Laughing and joking, having fun,
Just being normal teenage girls.
But then everything went downhill fast.
I heard what you have been saying about me!
At first I didn’t want to listen or even believe it because we have been friends since we were in diapers.
I thought they jusdidnt’t want us to be friends.
I asked you if it was true but you lied to me and instead said:
“Who told you that? They are liars… Jerks for saying stuff like that.”

That was IT!
I have had it with her. All the lies and backstabbing rumors.
… I walked up to her one day
THAT’S IT I can’t take it anymore. You are a rude, self-obsessed jerk, and a lying backstabber.”
I was mad and angry at her;
…. Sad that I had just lost my best friend that I have had for a really long time, but relieved to have opened up the overflowing bottle of my anger and rage I had toward her!
I’m thinking
I am FREE… free from her web of lies at last

The author's comments:
I felt that people need to know the truth.

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