You Know The Denotation, She Lives The Connotation

May 3, 2011
By Brandi101 GOLD, Woodbine, Kentucky
Brandi101 GOLD, Woodbine, Kentucky
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You broke her body
You chipped her soul
She was so naive
You lost control
Four years it's taken her
To get where she is today
Four years to build up courage
To say what she needs to say

That little girl, so sweet
Baby, she was going places
That little girl, yeah she's gone
Trying on stranger's faces
Looking for meaning
In between lyrics of pain
And finding herself apathetic
To the beauty of the rain

She never told anyone
She held it inside
Then she learned to be invisible
She learned how to hide
But it changed everything she was
And everything she could ever be
You took away her hope
And frightened her from her dreams

Now she's able to hug again
And to hold somebody's hand
But she knows the meaning of terror
And still hopes to understand
Why her, why then
And most of all, how could you
You're a monster, look in the mirror
You know it's true

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