May 15, 2011
By BVBlover BRONZE, Glasgow, Other
BVBlover BRONZE, Glasgow, Other
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I took my wings and flew,
with a mind filled with thoughts of blue.
I walked across an empty sky,
thinking about when birds fly.
I walked along a lonely path,
and bluebells sprung along the bath.

Growing up and getting old,
these are the stories that we are all told.
If only we knew the journeys we take,
then maybe some people would not be fake.

I wish that people would know,
which way to and not to go
so they might find some peace in life
to walk the journey even in strife.

and so my friend we must walk,
in a direction in which we ourselves have planned,
to create ourselves
and not just to live
but to live each day
like there might not be a tomorrow

The author's comments:
this was a poem that i thought up to represent journeys that we make in life.

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